Ladies & Gentlemen,

Please be informed that the National Union of Flight Crews in Brazil has decided t start a general strike, starting the 29th of November 2021 and lasting for an undefined period of time.

Reason alleged on their communication, is that Air Companies are refusing to negotiate with their crews to pay the inflation of last two years that have been put to yield during the pandemic time. As flying crews National two yearly bargaining ends at the beginning of December 2021, and airlines refused to negotiate new terms with flight crew´s Union, the strike is certain. At a first moment, Union has informed that only 50% of all crews will remain at work, whilst the other half will be fully stopped, which means that airlines will not be able to replace all flight schedules.

In view of above, commencing next Monday November 29th, we expect many delays on domestic flights as well as flight cancellations, which will affect all Brazilian airports. It may also affect some of International flights (those attended by Brazilian airlines) as the international crews have also adhered to the strike.

We recommend that in those cases of incoming crew, for crew changes in Brazil, in order to avoid possible delays, the crew changes should be anticipated, as much as possible. Long standing delays at airports are expected, as well as unexpected flight cancellations.

We shall be following up their movement and reverting to you

Best Regards

Sultrade / Researching Dept.

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