Ladies and Gentlemen,

Effective past April 30th 2021, Brazilian Sanitary Authority = ANVISA = has issued a new protocol (NT n5 5/2021) with focus on port operations and vessels´ crews arriving on board at Brazilian ports, in order to halt the spread of COVID-19. Amongst all hygienic procedures already known and the use of adequate IPEs, following points have been raised, which are of interest of all Shipowners and vessel Operators;

–          Shore leaves are still forbidden;

–          Disembarking of crewmembers is only authorized for medicare and repatriation

–          Any crewmember to come ashore, has to be tested on board (RT-PCR) prior receiving authorization from Sanitary Authority

–          Any positive case detected on board will lead to testing all crew, and vessel to be quarantined for a period of 14 days, after which, all crew to be re-tested. Case no other positive case detected, quarantine will be lifted. In case on second testing any positive case is detected again on testing all crew, then a new quarantine period, will be started.

On the other hand, Federal Government´s Home Affair Department, this past May 14th, has issued its new Ordinance numbered 653 with immediate effect, and temporary validity, maintaining the restrictions to foreign Nationals of being admitted into the country by sea and land transport. This new Ordinance, extends the effects of previous Ordinances on the subject for an undeclared period of time, although brings within its Articles, new restrictions, as follows:

–          All Foreign Nationals will not be admitted to Brazil if arriving by sea and land transport (exceptions are for those foreign citizens with permanent residence, and disembarking crewmembers provided their VISA situation is in order to be admitted);

–          Admittance of foreign Nationals is only allowed by air transport;

–          All inbounding foreign Crewmembers will be admitted provided they are in possession of valid Passport, SID (for those countries signatories of ILO C-185), valid Seaman´s Book, provided their VISA situation permits them to enter the country;

–          All flights incoming from UK, IRELAND, SOUTH AFRICA and INDIA are forbidden and arrivals cancelled, due to the new variants of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19);

–          Any crewmember arriving from either of above mentioned countries, or if their flights have originated at any of those countries, or even if they have made an intermediated call at those countries, will have to be submitted to quarantine of 14 days in Brazil, prior being authorized to proceed;

–          All foreign Nationals are required to be tested (RT-PCR) and negative result to be produced before departure of incoming flight to Brazil, at a maximum of 72 hr prior to boarding the flight. Test results only accepted in PORTUGUESE, ENGLISH or SPANISH Languages and must have been issued by recognized laboratories of Crewmember´s home-country or transit country. Case the flight schedule exceeds the 72 hr, then a new test has to be taken, before boarding last leg of flight arriving to Brazil;

–          A Passenger´s Sanitary Declaration (available at ANVISA´s webpage, or on demand to us) must be filled in by all arriving crewmembers and be in hands, or available in electronic means.

Meanwhile, any arriving crewmember must be in possession of:

–          Valid Passport;

–          SID (issued in accordance to Art 18 of ILO C-185) for those Nationals of ILO C-185 signatory Countries;

–          Valid Seaman´s Book (issued in the parameters of ICAO) as per ILO C-185 and ILO C-108 (will continue being accepted as proof of seafarer condition).

Nationals of Countries not having VISA EXEMPTING AGREEMENTS with Brazil, and are not signatories of ILO C-185 (case of PR CHINA, VIETNAM, AFGHANISTAN, BAHREIN, CAPE VERDE, CAMBODJA, EGYPT, IRAN, KUWAIT, MOZAMBIQUE, PALESTINE, DOMINICAN REPUBLC, SYRIA, TAIWAN, amongst other countries) will have admittance denied, and deported back on next available flights, unless if they have VALID VISAS on their passports.

Sultrade / Researching Dept.

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